His color was black

They wrote:
His color was black.

His features were strong.
His voice was commanding, deep.
His white friends in Denton
always came out
to hear him preach.
Like-wise Generals, Governors, and Presidents.
Born on the Tuckahoe, 1821
(before Fred Bailey
across the river
Bishop Wayman died last week.

It’s 1895.  Here.

Bishop Wayman at Tuscola ILThe Legacy of A.M.E Bishop A.W. Wayman
of Tuckahoe Neck, Caroline County, Maryland

Learn more:

Who made you free? — 1821

Do you still see white horses over in those dark woods? — 1830

After these Times of Trouble, the Church went down — 1830-1868

I walked 16 miles home to Tuckahoe — 1848

News went back to Caroline that I was shot and killed — 1866

Long road back to Tuckahoe  —  1870s

Deep Branch Chapel, near the place I was born — 1874


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