Helicopter Flyover: Historic sites of segregated black schools, 1875-1900

Almost all of the old buildings are gone.  But we can lay old maps over aerial and satellite imagery of Caroline County to find the places where they once stood.

Do the “helicopter tour” of the school sites as they look today.  We fly north to south –  1000 feet above each of 14 sites.  Click any site name to explore the site in an interactive map.

The helicopter route map below shows all 14 sites.


Castle Hall (Goldsboro)

Union (Greensboro)



Chinquapin (Burrsville)


Deep Branch

Mill Creek

The Bureau (Williston)


American Corner




Helicopter Route Map – North to South – Fourteen Sites

“Colored school” is the term that was used to indicate locations of segregated black schools on the 1875 and 1897 maps of Caroline County.

View larger map

(See the list of all the place types indicated in these historic maps.)

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