Passapea Landing

Other names:  Passapae, Passapees, Prssanos, The Stakes

Passapea Landing is located at the end of Kibler Road on the east side of the Choptank River north of Smith Landing (Mevills Warehouse) and below Brick Mill Landing about three miles north of Denton where route 313 crosses the Choptank River.  The landing is named after the Passipa and/or Passapea family of Maryland.

The landing was also known as “The Stakes” – then regarded as the head of navigation for large sailing vessels.  Trade to Greensboro was by flat bottom scows or lighters.  At one time “as many as four staunch sailing packets anchored or moored at or near the stakes, all laden to scuppers with valuable cargoes.”

It is designated on “Topographic Map of Caroline County” 1950 revised 1971.  The landing is spelt “Prssanos” on “Index Chart of Natural Oyster Bars, Crab Bottoms, Clam Beds and Triangular Stations of Maryland surveyed by Maryland Shell Fish Commission in cooperation with U.S. Bureau of Fisheries and U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey,” 1906-1912.  This is believed to be an incorrect spelling for Passapea.

(Choptank River Cultural Resources Inventory, 1999-2002)

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