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It’s 1897.   Here.

We can see the Caroline County landscape in 1897, thanks to the efforts of two county citizens working 72 years apart.  I found no reference to M. L. Saulsbury’s mapmaking in the Denton Journal around 1897.  So I’m not sure why this map was made.  And I haven’t seen an original version.  So, my thanks to G. H. Fooks for tracing and “certifying” a copy of the original 72 years later, in 1969.  One might guess the copy was “certified” as authoritative for tax or land ownership issues.

The map shows the owner’s name for many farm and town residences and businesses.  And the locations of roads, grist mills, sawmills, stables, and churches across the entire county.

You can view digital scans of the paper map  here.    A tattered copy of the very large 1897 is in the collection of Caroline County Library’s main branch at Denton.  That is the paper copy which I scanned with my small home scanner.  (I’ve seen another copy of the map in the county permits department, where the GIS staff works.)

The web map here lets you compare the 1897 map with modern satellite imagery and street map, like this:

You can use the “Synchronize Scale & Location” buttons to move the three maps together or separately.  You can compare different parts of the old map to what we see in Caroline County today.

Here are other 19th century Caroline County maps:


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