Vesper Shipwreck


1871-ca. 1930

Other Names

Fire Ox, Hot Ox







The wreck of the steamer freighter Vesper may be located on the east side of the Choptank River just below Denton. This vessel was 145.6 foot long, built in Wilmington, Delaware in 1871 and sank about 1930. The captain was R. Jones from at least 1915 to 1917. From about 1917 until 1930 Vesper was owned by the Wilmington Steamship Company. Vesper apparently operated out of Baltimore its entire career.  Vesper was reputedly owned by Lawrence Towers, who operated a cannery in West Denton, and may have been informally known as the Fire Ox.

A photo in a private collection shows Vesper sunk ca 1880 opposite Case's Wharf, with steamers Greensboro and Edenton in foreground.


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