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Cultural Resources: Former river front historic house site, Indian village site.

Shoal Creek is located just upriver from the south side of the Choptank River Bridge at Cambridge, Dorchester County.  This property was once part of the Choptank Indian lands which were purchased from them by the Ennalls family.  A home also called Shoal Creek was built circa 1740-50 by the Ennals family but demolished in the early 1970s.  Charles Goldsborough, who was born in this house in 1764, became governor of Maryland in 1818, serving only a one year term, before retiring to Shoal Creek.  He was one of three Maryland congressmen to oppose war with Britain in 1812. Goldsborough is buried in Christ Church Cemetery in Cambridge (see also Horns Point).  A sewage treatment plant now occupies the site.  Just to the east where the Eastern Shore State Hospital is located, was the site of the home of the King of the Abacoes tribe.

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Shoal Creek plantation was probably at the upper right edge of this aerial view.

A luxury hotel opened in summer 2002 on Shoal Creek.


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