Sandy Island Bridge


1919 - Present

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This bridge, erected in 1919, carries Maryland Route 287 over the Choptank River east of Goldsboro, Maryland. It replaced an earlier bridge of unknown age.  The 1919 bridge consists of four concrete arches, two measuring 48 feet in length and two 51 feet in length, which carry a 20 foot wide roadbed.  Luten Bridge Company of York, Pennsylvania built the bridge from designs of the Maryland State Roads Commission.

It represents the only historic concrete bridge in Caroline County and one of only nine of the same structural type throughout the state road network, identified by the Maryland Historical Trust for the Maryland Department of Transportation in a jointly conducted survey which took place during 1980-81. This bridge is notable for its particularly attractive site, a low run through the forest and over the narrow upper reaches of the Choptank River. Two bridge bronze plaques identify the builder and State Roads Commission.


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