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This landing is located just above Cowards Landing and below Coveys Landing on the east side of the Tuckahoe River.  This may be the same as Cowards Landing.

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USGS Topographic Map

NOAA Nautical Chart - Doans Landing was probably located upriver from Cowards

1875-76 Historic Map

1897 Historic Map

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This farm path which leads to the river is possibly the site of Doans Landing, about 1/2 mile upriver from Cowards Landing.

Panoramic view of the east bank of the Tuckahoe, looking upriver from the possible Doans Landing site.

The farm road and river landing shown is the photos above is seen here at the edge of field and woods leading from the right edge of this aerial photo; view from southeast.

In this view from the southeast, Cowards Landing on the neck of land at the mouth of Deep Branch (bottom of photo).  The possible Doans Landing site is near the right edge of the photo.

Seen from upriver, the possible Doans Landing site is seen where the nearest farm field on the left side of the photo touches the river.




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