Cowards Landing

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Cowards Point Landing







This landing is located between Coveys and New Bridge landings along the Tuckahoe River.  Caleb Clark Wheeler and James Holt of the Wheeler Transportation Line owned the landing at Cowards Point Farm.  This may be the same as Doans Landing.

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Cowards Landing is seen downriver, near the top of the photo, where the Tuckahoe bends to the right.

Closer view of the photo above, looking southward, downriver.

Cowards Landing is the wooded point near lower center, seen from the southeast

Close-up of the photo above.

Looking eastward, Cowards Landing is on the far side of the river.

Close-up of the photo above.

Ruins of the wharf are seen on the left.  Here the road to the landing met the river.

Wharf pilings where the road met the river.

Landing site and wharf pilings, looking upriver.

Close-up of wharf pilings, looking upriver. Landing was on the right.

Wharf pilings looking downriver.

Ruins of once extensive bulkheading in the foreground; wharf pilings behind, looking down the Tuckahoe.






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