Chancellors Point

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Woolsey, Chancellors Point Ferry, Hugletts Landing


Lower Choptank





Cultural Resources: Ferry, steamboat landing.

This landing site is located on the Talbot County side of the Choptank River at Chancellors Point, just upstream from the Route 50 bridge and Bolingbroke Creek.  Rigby Foster operated the ferry here in 1760.  He was permitted to charge out of county inhabitants the following rates: “Footman 4d; horse and chaise and persons riding in it 2S6d and every person enlisted in his Majesty’s service without a fee or reward.”  For these services Foster also received 6000 lbs. of tobacco per year.  The property was patented to Phillip Calvert, brother of Cecil. Lord Baltimore, in the mid 17th century, but he did not live here.  The house located here dates from circa 1860s to 1870s. William Hughlett built the house and lived here until his death in 1885 (see other Hughlett related sites: Belmont, Cherry Grove, Ingleside and Jamaica Point).

Maryland Steamboat Company’s Highland Light and Kent provided nightly service from Baltimore to Choptank River including a stop at Chancellors Point (Hughletts Landing) in1878.  A landing is shown at this location on the “1877 Atlases and other Early Maps of the Eastern Shore of Maryland,” page 97.

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Chancellors Point from the east, looking toward the Choptank River Bridge and the mouth of the river beyond.

Chancellors Point from the west.

Chancellors Point from the southwest, Goose Point in the background.

Close-up of  Chancellors Point manor.


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