You Can Join the Crew of the Skipjack Flora A. Price

You can make a difference in the life of a historic Chesapeake Bay skipjack.

Flora A. Price was built in 1910, one of the three largest ever built -- over 70 feet in overall length.  Today she is the largest surviving skipjack in the Chesapeake Bay fleet. With a new home port in West Denton, Flora has been proclaimed the “Friend Ship of Caroline County” by the Commissioners.

During spring and summer 2001, these volunteers contributed many hours to refinish Flora’s mammoth 75-foot mast and prepare her rigging for the mast re-stepping ceremony at Summerfest:

  • Mike Berry, Denton
  • Alan Visantainer, Denton
  • Bob Stine, West Denton
  • Carl Scheffel, Gibson Island
  • Nathan Barker, Ridgely
  • Don Barker, Ridgely
  • Buddy Spear, Denton
  • Jason Spear, Denton
  • E. DeGraw, Wyoming
  • E. Berbert, N. Carolina

You can join the skipjack crew!

No experience necessary. Just a desire to learn woodworking and traditional boatwright skills, enjoy the comraderie of other historic vessel enthusiasts, and know the satisfaction of helping preserve these maritime treasures of the Chesapeake.

Contact the Center to learn more about volunteer opportunities.