Upper Choptank and Tuckahoe River Cultural Resources Inventory

Maryland’s Upper Choptank River and Tuckahoe River Cultural Resource Inventory is the result of a 1998 non-capital grant from the Maryland Historical Trust to the Old Harford Town Maritime Center.  The purpose of the project was to lay the groundwork for the creation of heritage tourism and economic development through the preservation and interpretation of cultural heritage sites related to the maritime and agricultural history of a riverine system.  This interrelationship of agriculture and maritime trade within a riverine system is an important component of Maryland’s history which is not documented or preserved anywhere in the state.

The scope of this project was expanded to include an inventory of cultural and historic resources along the Tuckahoe River.  Sites include but are not limited to towns, landings, wharves, warehouses, canneries, and sunken vessels.  Prehistoric sites are beyond the scope of the mission of the Old Harford Town Maritime Center and were not included in this project.  

The Inventory became the basis for the historic sites components of the Choptank and Tuckahoe River Guide to heritage water trails in the Choptank watershed.

Maryland’s Upper Choptank River and Tuckahoe River Cultural Resource Inventory is based on primary and secondary published and unpublished material, field survey maps conducted by the Maryland Maritime Archeology Program in 1994, Maryland Historical Trust historic site forms, photographs, post cards, and historic maps and charts.  It was not the intent of this project to carry out field verification of these sites though a few sites were visited.