Douglass Pilgrimage

In June the Center leads the annual Pilgrimage to Rediscover the Birthplace of Frederick Douglass.  The pilgrimage marks the anniversary of Douglass’s escape to freedom.

The birthplace site is located on private property at the head of “Kentucky Ravine” on the Tuckahoe River. Permission to visit the site is arranged by the Center.

Pilgrims meet at the Center at Joppa Wharf in West Denton for a discussion of evidence locating the Douglass birthplace on the banks of the Tuckahoe River.   We caravan to Stoney Point Landing on the Tuckahoe River for a group paddle to past Wayman Wharf to “Muddy Shore” and “Kentucky Ravine” near the site of the cabin where Douglass was born and raised. 

Group size is limited. Contact the Center at 410-241-8661 or for more information, and to sign up.