Travelling Exhibit

In conjunction with the statewide observance of Maryland Archeology Month in April, the Choptank River Heritage Center has sponsored an exhibit in the Caroline County Central Library in Denton.

A wall-size map shows landings, ferries, bridges, and town sites that were the foundation of the upper Choptankís agricultural economy and river transportation system in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The exhibit includes the Choptank and Tuckahoe RiverGuide, an online application that describes the historic sites featured on the map. Users of the RiverGuide can click on interactive maps to locate historic sites and river access points (boat ramps) on any section of the Choptank and Tuckahoe Rivers.

Plans and diagrams for the restoration of the Joppa Wharf in West Denton are also on display in the exhibit.  Reconstruction of the historic wharf was completed in 2003.

The exhibit also describes the many Service Learning opportunities and programs that the Center has sponsored.  The Centerís Service Learning programs help Upper Shore students perform service to the community while they learn about historic preservation of Choptank Basin historic sites and maritime vessels, environmental stewardship, surveying and engineering, and historical research.

For more information about these programs and the exhibit, contact the Choptank River Heritage Center.

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