GIS, GPS, and the Choptank and Tuckahoe RiverGuide

What is a GIS? A Geographic Information System, such as ESRIís free ArcExplorer software.

What is a GPS? A Global Positioning System, including GPS receivers such as Garmin Inc.ís GPS 12 XL.

What is the RiverGuide? An online resource created by Old Harford Town Maritime Center for trip planning on the Choptank and Tuckahoe Rivers Water Trail.

Old Harford Town Maritime Center (OHTMC) worked with the staff of Lockerman Middle School (LMS) to create lesson plans and student activities using GIS, GPS, and the RiverGuide.  The activities were first presneted to LMS Geography Club students to celebrate Geography Week and GIS Day 2001 in Caroline County Public Schools.

OHTMC staff volunteers created three student activities that LMS teaching staff presented to students from grades 6, 7, and 8:

The first two activities were presented in the LMS computer and technology labs using computers with Internet and Web connectivity. The thrid activity was a field trip with students using GPS receivers to follow a walking route from their school through the Denton courthouse plaza to historic sites on the Choptank River in West Denton.

For more information about GIS Day 2001 activities at Lockerman Middle School, or GIS and GPS learning activities at other Caroline County schools, please contact Ms. Kathy Dill, CCPS Social Studies Curriculum Specialist, or Don Barker, CRHC GIS volunteer.

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