The Choptank River Heritage Center plans to develop programs for youth and adults that will utilize the skipjack Flora Price as a floating classroom on the upper Choptank River.  Maritime-centered educational activities will be built on outdoor classroom models similar to those of the Living Classrooms Foundation and Echo Hill Outdoor School.

Flora A. Price will become a platform from which to show and teach environmental awareness, stewardship of the river habitat, teamwork and cooperative problem solving, and other critical skills and attitudes.

Flora A. Price will also be used to teach and offer experiences that recreate the vital role that skipjacks and other sailing vessels played as river traders in the 19th century.

In addition, Flora A. Price can be used for heritage tourism, transporting paddling parties downriver to the Tuckahoe River, Kings Creek Preserve, and other heritage and eco-tourism destinations.

Contact the Centerís Executive Director for more information.


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